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abbr-design-pattern alternatives

This page is for document the precise results of using assistive-technology with real world examples in the wild of the abbr design pattern, as nearly always used by hCalendar (e.g. dtstart, dtend), often by hReview (e.g. dtreviewed, rating) and sometimes by hCard (e.g. bday, type subproperty) and by Geo.


Each assistive-technology listed here should link to a precise description of the tool/service on the assistive-technology page, including version number, when published, etc. Each test result listed for each assistive technology should link to the example that was tested.

Test Cases

The WaSP Accessibility Task Force has developed a set of (extended test cases]) that cover the following data formats and markup formats.

Data Formats

Rejected Data formats

Dates without punctuation as they have proved unusable. Proof is premise for [hAccessibility] article on the Web Standards Project Buzz blog. Window Eyes and JAWS read un-punctuated dates as single number. [JAWS 8 on IE7 citation (MP3 Audio)] of "twenty million seventy-thousand three-hundred twelve" is reason enough for rejection.

Markup Possibilities

Valid HTML4

Invalid HTML4

Markup possibilities that are invalid in HTML4/XHTML1 are noted here to be clear that they were considered and rejected. Since microformats build on posh, any technique that is invalid semantic (X)HTML is unacceptable for a microformats solution. There is no need to bother testing these.

Markup Rejections

Screenreader Language Pronunciations

Localization is not the job of Microformats, so multiple human languages (English, Spanish, etc.) is irrelevant.

Verbosity settings



Please provide hyperlinks to examples in the wild for each case that is to be tested. Test cases with example in the wild URLs merit more testing than those without. The purpose of these test cases is to find the best solution, whether or not it is currently being used.

Results to be determined.

See Also

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