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Examples of birthday publishing practices.

Many social network sites (e.g. those listed in hcard-supporting-user-profiles) provide users the ability to publish their birthday (or age) in some form. This page documents those various forms. Many sites permit different forms depending on individual profile preferences.

This article is a stub. You can help the wiki by expanding it. Please look at more sites with hcard-supporting-user-profiles and document how they publish birthdays. Those sites in particular make sense to analyze because they've already shown the desire to use hCard mark-up, thus are likely to adopt any improved bday markup.




support status:

year only

YYYY or age (which implies coarse year info)

support status:

month and day only

MMDD Real world use cases:

Theoretical use cases (please note URLs if you know of any for these and then move to above section on real world use cases):

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