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Information Commonly Given About Books

hReview prominently doesn't include a way to markup the author of a book. This makes sense for other kinds of reviews, but it seems glaringly deficient for books. This collection of information is intended as a starting point for a discussion about how hBookReview should differ. I'm expecting to find that most book review sites list the authors' names prominently. I'm googling around for book review blogs and other book review sites. Here are some from the first two pages of Googling.

reviews-formats has some discussion of formats for reviews, including book reviews. Some of the formats use creator as an equivalent for a work's author. Others use author, and sometimes they mean review-author, and other times work-author.

The page on book-info-formats has more information and discussion on what should be included in a book-info microformat, and how that information should be marked up.

See also citation. Citation encompasses books and other creative works, so hopefully progress will be made on finalizing that format.

Book Reviews

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