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H3988 brainstorming

Additional Properties


Support associating Digitial Object Identifier (DOI) references (used by Nature for example) with citations.

--Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis 23:24, 10 Aug 2008 (PDT)

Identifier (Type, Value)

(Proposed by TobyInk)

Along the same lines as tel/email/adr/label in hCard, the format could use an identifier+type+value system for ISBN, ISSN, etc:

<span class="identifier">
  <span class="type">ISBN</span>
  <span class="value">978-1-56619-909-4</span>

And, like "tel" and "email" in hCard, I'd also suggest allowing identifiers to be extracted from URLs:

<a class="identifier" href="urn:isbn:9781566199094">ISBN 978-1-56619-909-4</a>

with a predefined list of URL patterns to look for.

The term "identifier" is already available in OpenURL (because OpenURL includes all 15 of the main Dublin Core terms). It would be a plural property. By adding this property to the spec, three existing properties (ISBN, ISSN and EISSN) could be removed, and several other potential properties (SICI, BICI, DOI, CODEN, etc) would become unnecessary.


rel=footnote is mentioned in the draft spec. This could be combined nicely with VoteLinks. For example, to indicate disagreement with a book:

  I was reading Joe Blogg's latest book
  [<a rel="footnote" rev="vote-against" id="#book">1</a>]
  and found numerous flaws in his arguments, which I shall
  outline below:
<!-- ... -->
    <cite id="book" class="h3988">
      <i class="btitle">The Sky is Green</i> by
      <span class="au">Joe Bloggs</span>
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