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This wiki page outlines the overall effort to develop a citation microformat per the process.

We are documenting current examples of cites/citations on the web today, their implicit/explicit schemas, and current cite/citation formats, with the intent of creating a citation microformat based on that research.


Example Citations

Citation Examples are citations found in the wild that could benefit from semantic mark-up. This is a growing list of examples from all sorts of places including W3C specifications, RFCs and others. These are the examples which will determine the schema for the citation microformat.

Known Citation Formats

The Citation Formats Page will be a running tab of known formats for publishing citations.

It could be useful to create a chart of how each value from the implicit schema determined by the citation-examples is represented in each format, and what formats have additional properties that do not map between them. (For example, Format1 calls 'author' 'author', in format2 'author' is called 'writer'. etc)



The citation-issues page is intended to capture ongoing issues.

To Do


This microformat should be developed as a module that can be used in other microformats. Once developed and flushed out, citation references could easily be used for publications on a Resume/CV (e.g. in an hResume), therefore the citation microformat would be a module (subset) of all the possible Resume Values.

Other Microformats that could use the Citation Module

Other microformats that the Citation Module could/should re-use


Informative References

Most of these should be moved to citation-formats and documented accordingly.


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