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One of the challenges that every community (especially small community) faces, is being robust enough to survive, thrive, and maintain its culture independent of any individual.

On we're doing three things to try to make that so:

  1. Publishing all community work with CC0 - this way if I or anyone else in the community screws up, interested parties can take our work and rebuild elsewhere. In fact, anyone can fork microformats materials and experiment, hopefully contributing their work back to CC0 so it can be reincorporated.
  2. Documenting and inculcating our culture and principles of humans first, documentation/research-centric development as a way of persisting the culture beyond any one individual.
  3. Mentoring new admins in the community and empowering them to take as much responsibility as they are willing/capable.

Tantek 15:38, 1 July 2011 (UTC)

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