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The following are real-world examples of pages that have amounts of money that could be marked up with a currency microformat. As part of the microformats process:


Real-World Examples

Links to public web pages, either popular or insightful

Google Financials

Use of currency amounts in tables.

Representing currency amounts in a table format is very common. For instance, see Google Financials.

In this table representation, it does not make sense to provide the currency information for each cell. Instead, it should be provided once at the table, thead, tr, or th, level, and then a td may override the default value. This is very similar to the common practice of indicating the currency and formatting in plain english: "Numbers in thousands of dollars" in the table title/subtitle or legend.

The microformat for currency amounts should provide a way to represent a default currency for all children of a table, thead, tr, or th nodes. The currency symbol/abbreviation should be optional in for elements defined as containing currency values/amounts, if a default currency has been defined in one of the ancestor elements.

UK Government Data Standards Catalogue

UK Government Data Standards Catalogue

The associated XML Schema seems to suggest an Amount element, followed by a fixed Currency element of "GBP".

SkypeOut Pricing

SkypeOut Pricing.

2.1 US cents/2.4 CAN cents per minute
(on the Web page)
¢2.1 USD (or ¢2.4 CAD) per minute.
(in the announcement email)

See also measure

MIT Enterprise Forum

MIT Enterprise Forum .

$1 million in equity
$2.50 a share

See also measure

Energy Information Administration

Energy Information Administration.

23 cents per barrel

Also in this page:

(U.S. Cents per Gallon)
(Euros per Thousand Liters)
(U.S. Dollars per Gallon)

See also measure



$63.94 US per barrel, up $1.63 US

Google Finance

Google Finance.

The current price of a stock:

<span class="pr">401.90</span>



eBay marks prices as "ebcPr". eBay c? Price.

<td class="ebcPr"><span class="bold">$11.70</span><br/><span>$12.95</span><br/></td>

Google Web Authoring Statistics

Google Web Authoring Statistics - indirect example.

The Google Web Authoring Statistics mentions that "price" is the 40th most used class name.

Something like:

<span class="price">$39.99</span>



<span class="price">$39.99 <span class="currency">(USD)</span></span>

Amazon Product listing

Amazon Product listing.

<td class="price">$34.85</td>

Bell Canada in French Canadian

Bell Canada in French Canadian.

<b>Niveau de service Premium - 125 $*</b>

Note the placement of the dollar sign AFTER the number.

Bell Canada in US English

Bell Canada in US English.

<b>Premium Service Level - $125*</b>

Historic prices

Existing Practices

Firefox Extension

Firefox Currency Converter - ViewMyCurrency

Note: the current bug list illustrates some problems of identifying currencies based on page content alone:

  • All $ symbols are treated as USD Very annoying if you are Australian, Canadian etc. (Needs a new feature)
  • ‘Euro 2006 Championship’ should not be converted.
  • ...
  • Don’t convert CVS keywords . $Revision: 1.3 $ should not be treated as dollars.

Greasemonkey Scripts


Yahoo! Finance Currency Converter

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