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Microformats panel at O'Reilly ETech

One of several microformats events.

During O'Reilly's ETech 2006 conference, there will be a Microformats presentation consisting of a short intro/overview by Tantek, and then a series of lightning demonstrations.

Presenters link to your sites/demos/slides in the Session Notes and Links session!


Session Details

Follow-up BOF

Note Microformats discussion, Q&A, workshop BOF same day, 9:30pm-10:30pm Elizabeth Ballroom B

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Please add your name here if you are attending ETech (whether you are speaking or not), alphabetically sorted by last name. Consider adding yourself to the RideSharing page as well to coordinate sharing rides/taxis to/from the airport.

To Do

Please check the to do list to see if you can help out.

<span style='font-weight:bold;'>Location: </span><span class='location'>Elizabeth Ballroom A</span>

Session Description

This is simply a direct quote from :

Microformats are simple semantic XHTML extensions for expressing numerous common concepts (people, events, etc.) on today's Web. Tantek Çelik will provide a short introduction, followed by a series of speakers performing lightning demonstrations of their microformats enabled tools, sites, hacks and other implementations.

Session Notes and Links

In order of presentation:

ETech 2006 pages with microformats

These pages have been marked up with hCard and Tantek has sent them to Vee at O'Reilly and she is following up with their tech folks so they can look at the diffs and update their pages.

Lightning Demonstrations

Note about the lightning demonstrations. All demonstrations MUST:

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