Microformats Weekly Dinner, San Francisco

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One of several microformats weekly-meetup events.


2009-04-07T19:00-0700 to 2009-04-07T21:00-0700
Crepes on Cole, 100 Carl St, San Francisco, CA 94117 USA
Microformats Weekly Meetup Dinner, San Francisco

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Weekly Meetup

The microformats community has grown and stablized over the past few years, news of adoptions, new ideas and challenges come up frequently enough that there are no shortage of new topics to discuss on a weekly basis.

Come along, meet up with the microformats community in San Francisco

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Topics Discussed:

  • Getting FourSquare to adopt microformats - what steps can we take?
    • everybody ask Dennis
  • Ben is looking into adding RSS and Atom support to X2V
    • so that microformats in RSS items marked up with HTML and Atom entries with nested (X)HTML can be converted to vCards and iCalendar.
  • Port 25 is dead on the server. According to tobyink, SMTP daemon just needs to be kicked.
    • Tantek will try to SSH, look up how to do this. UPDATE: mailing-lists appear to be delivering mail as before as of 2009-04-08, thanks to help from User:Rohit.
  • value-class-pattern spec page update status / in progress (Ben Ward)
    • date and time separation should go after Basic parsing
    • basic parsing should be renamed for strings only
    • need to specify what should happen for URL and email properties - for now, no support (per microformats principle of needing use cases first, and no use cases have been put forth as of this point).
  • how to make How To Play easier for newcomers, more approachable
    • it should be broken out into sections with good headings for the section
    • you should be able to skim it and start contributing to the wiki without being afraid of being yelled at
  • perhaps extract good portions of Mailing list guidelines to How To Play, e.g. be nice
  • Ariel will look at both How To Play and Mailing List guidelines and give feedback as a community manager.


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