SciBarCamp session: open science open data on today's web

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2009-07-09 from 10:30 to 2009-07-09 at 11:30
IFTF, 124 University ave., 2nd floor, room 1, Palo Alto, CA
SciBarCamp session: open science open data on today's web.
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Topics Discussed:


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  • Q: What is the best semantic markup or microformat for citations?
    • A: At a minimum use the HTML 4.01 <cite> element and hyperlinks (<a href>, as this example does inline! "View Source" to see).
    • Markup any references to people or organizations inside the <cite> with hCard
    • There are numerous online citation-formats and there has been a lot of work toward developing a citation microformat. Take a look at the current proposals (citation-brainstorming and please add your input! Tantek
  • Q: is there a microformat to annotate "data" in general? e.g. experiment conditions, instrument recordings etc.
    • A: start with hAtom to at least markup the datetime of data and the description/data itself as a stream.
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