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Part of the feed microformat development effort per the process.

This page is for documenting brainstorming proposals based on analysis of real world feed-examples and previous feed-formats.


previous efforts


In microformats2 simply using a root class name like class="h-feed" on an element that contains all the h-entry elements would be sufficient to create a feed microformat object that can be parsed with all the h-entry elements as children.

root class name: h-feed


<div class="h-feed">
  <div class="h-entry"> ... entry 1 and properties ... </div>
  <div class="h-entry"> ... entry 2 and properties ... </div>

Serves as a way of containing separate sets of related/grouped/sequential h-entry elements on a single page. With HTML ID attributes on the h-feed elements, tools can reference different feeds on the same page and operate on them individually or collectively.

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