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Part of the feed microformat development effort per the process.

This page is for documenting examples of real world web pages with one or more feeds that would benefit from additional explicit structural markup.


The Problem

If a site has items from more than one feed, a feed-reader has no idea how to aggregate items from only one feed. Feed readers need a way to discover and choose which feed on a page they are aggregating.

Use Cases

Read one feed of many

It might be useful to have a way of specifying a wrapper for a a collection of entries in the case where there are multiple feeds on one page, and one wanted to read the entries of just one feed (e.g., the main blog feed, but not the sidebar tweets feed).

Search and indexing

Many HTML pages contain periodic/episodic content. It may be helpful to explicitly group similar/related/sequential episodes for the purposes of re-using this data in other contexts (restyling, search, indexing).

previous effort

real world examples

Links to public web pages, either popular or insightful that provide real world examples of the type of publishing that can be improved with a feed microformat.

Note: if the example already has hAtom, please add it to hatom-examples-in-wild instead of here.

Flat list of examples:

Grouped examples:


Most examples these days use hAtom already and thus check here for specific modern examples:

analysis of publishing practices

see also

next steps

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