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format implementations template

This template is for creating a categorized *-implementations page for microformats with implementations. You will need to search and replace the following with their literal format-specific equivalents:

This template was generalized from the hCalendar implementations specific implementations page which was the first to categorize implementations into a specific taxonomy for easier browsing/finding.

Template starts with the <h1> below:

((FORMAT-NAME)) implementations


This page is an informative section of the ((WIKI-LINKED-FORMAT-NAME)) specification.

The following implementations have been developed which either generate or parse ((FORMAT-ITEM-NAME-PLURAL)). If you have an ((WIKI-LINKED-FORMAT-NAME)) implementation, feel free to add it to the New Implementations section. If you have a page or site which just publishes ((FORMAT-ITEM-NAME-PLURAL)), please use ((WIKI-LINKED-FORMAT-EXAMPLES-IN-WILD)) instead.

VDeqKq <a href="">ymdhkxnbfcti</a>, [url=]xgkzckwsrctz[/url], [link=]hnhuxtmtjfxf[/link],

4uOVUh <a href="">uaayddnclyzx</a>, [url=]zfbkkxqozdog[/url], [link=]mmocojwsxdgr[/link],

Search and Discovery

Conversion and Import

Implementations you can use to importing into a ((FORMAT-AREA-SUBJECT)) application, typically by converting ((FORMAT-NAME)) to ((EQUIVALENT-FORMAT)).

Web Services

These return ((EQUIVALENT-FORMAT)) ( ((EQUIVALENT-FORMAT-TLE)) ) and other ((FORMAT-AREA-SUBJECT)) formats for easy importing into typical ((FORMAT-AREA-SUBJECT)) programs or other processing.

Firefox Greasemonkey Plugins



Implementations that detect, display and otherwise highlight ((FORMAT-ITEM-NAME-PLURAL)) in pages.

Firefox extension


Flock extension


Open source libraries of ((FORMAT-NAME)) parsers and other related code for building ((FORMAT-NAME)) implementations. Note: it is very likely that some of the above implementations may be duplicated in this section. That's ok.


Related Pages

((template inclusion for FORMATNAME-related-pages))

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