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This page is a placeholder for the h-review-aggregate specification, an upgrade of hReview-aggregate to microformats2. Please refer to the #Todo section.

h-review-aggregate is a simple, open format for embedding review information (of products, services, businesses, etc). Whereas h-review is intended for an individual review, h-review-aggregate is meant for summary information about a collection of user or critic reviews about an item.

h-review-aggregate is one of several open microformat draft standards suitable for embedding data in HTML and is the microformats2 update to hReview-aggregate.

This is a Draft Specification.
IRC: #microformats on Freenode
Per CC0, to the extent possible under law, the editors have waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work. In addition, as of 2022-10-06, the editors have made this specification available under the Open Web Foundation Agreement Version 1.0.



Here is a simple example showing aggregate review information for a restaurant:

<article class="h-review-aggregate">
 <h1 class="p-item">Mediterranean Wraps</h1>
 <p class="p-name">Customers flock to this small restaurant for their 
 tasty falafel and shawerma wraps and welcoming staff.</p>
 <span class="p-average">4.5</span> out of 5 
 based on <span class="p-count">17</span> reviews


Proposed Properties

Proposed properties from hReview-aggregate awaiting citations of publishing and consuming examples.

Property Details

Examples in the wild

Add any h-review-aggregate examples you find in the wild:


Main article: validators

Test and validate microformats2 markup in general with:


Backward Compatibility

Parser Compatibility

This is a draft based on reviewing hReview-aggregate examples, pending parser implementations and feedback.

Microformats parsers SHOULD detect classic properties only if a classic root class name is found and parse them as microformats2 properties.

If an h-review-aggregate is found, don't look for an hreview-aggregate on the same element.

Compat root class name: hreview-aggregate
Properties: (parsed as p- plain text unless otherwise specified):


Based on hReview-aggregate examples, this is how many times each property appeared.

item: 10
rating: 10
average: 8
best: 8
count: 5
votes: 5
worst: 0
summary: 0


Tasks for this page.

In summary:

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