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Raw HTML captured from Rohit's hBib Discussion.html document written ~2005-05 at WWW2005. Could probably use some wiki-markup-cleanup to reflect original intent (e.g. turn a href links into bracket wiki links, cleanup list markup etc.) - Tantek 01:16, 7 August 2012 (UTC)

Part of the citation microformat effort. Mostly historical at this point. Perhaps still useful to see where things started simple originally, and where we've evolved/iterated to since.


hBib: une charette

an interactive design session



  1. Stop having to re-key references!
  2. Adapt to new Journal styles solely by changing the CSS?

Why a Microformat?

  1. Presentation matters!
  2. A predecessor format exists:
    • BibTeX
    • Endnote
    • Dublin Core

the microformats way

Fundamental Problem

There are hundreds of journal-specific formats for presenting bibliographic data. If CSS cannot transform structured biblographic information into at least 80% of the presentation format, the Microformats way fails. Microformats is fundamentally tied to CSS; what CSS cannot express, Microformats cannot encode into XHTML. <p> We discussed some ways of getting around the "et al." problem of hiding additional authors. We even used ABBR to preserve full-names. But what about putting the article-name in front of the journal, and vice-versa? <p>If we have to invoke XSLT to handle cases where elements need to be re-ordered to present them, then the "is the jig up"?


Author -- should use hCard. OK
Mulitple authors? Multiple hCards. <p> et al.?
use hidden SPANs?
use CSS classes for k-authors: 1st-author, 2nd-author? generic "author" class?

.author + .author + .author + .author {display: none}
.author + .author + .author {content: " et al."}

<p>using Dublin Core terminology
(which edition? Creator, sure, but Translator came later...)
how to "loft" dc:author inot microformats use in CSS class= attrs? -- create an XMDP for Dublin Core (creator, etc)

Existing Example

<p>Let's start with a concrete example of a particular bibliography presentation

[1] Goland, Y. Y., Nottingham, M. and Orchard, D. WS-CallBack Protocol 0.91.
 BEA Systems, WS-CallBack Protocol 0.91, Feb 26 2003 2003. 
 <a href="http://dev2dev.bea.com/technologies/webservices/WS-CallBack-0_9.jsp" target="_blank">http://dev2dev.bea.com/<WBR>technologies/webservices/WS-<WBR>CallBack-0_9.jsp</a>

How would we mark that up?

<span class="vcard">
 <span class="fn n">
  <span class="family-name "<Goland</span>, 
  <abbr class="given-name" title="Yaron">Y.</abbr>
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