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hCard user profile authoring


How to add hCard to a user profile page to turn it into a hcard-supporting-user-profile.

recognizing what to markup

Take a look at your user's profile page and note what elements in the page correspond to the following pieces of information about the person whom the profile page represents:

find the minimally enclosing element

Now find the smallest element on the profile page that contains all of the above. If no such element exists short of the body element, you can either use the body element as the containing element, or create a new div that precisely surrounds just the above elements.

This page is a stub. ... need to add more details on specific properties for hCard user profiles...

hCard XFN friends list

In order to support hCard+XFN friends lists, add hCard and XFN markup to the friends list on the profile page, as well as adding a rel="me" to any "View All..." type links to view the entire friends list (or even the first page thereof).

friends vs acquaintances vs contacts

See XFN clarifications: mapping community site "friends".

fan of vs my fans

Markup any "fan of" links as rel="acquaintance".

There is no current XFN or microformat for marking up the link relationship to people that are "my fans", however, you MAY use rel="fan" as a poshformat way of marking it up. rel="fan" should only be placed on links to people who are fans of the current profile. However links to people that the current profile is a fan of MUST NOT be marked up with rel="fan".

See xfn-brainstorming for more discussion on marking up fans of vs. my fans.

for more

See hCard authoring.


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