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Per the microformats process this is an examples page documenting existing real world examples of historical information published on the Web, towards the development of a history microformat.


The Problem

History seeks to show and explain change over time. With that in mind, how should we mark up content that has specific historical contexts, meanings, and/or values?

In particular, hCalendar, which can otherwise be used for marking up historic events, lacks the capability to record vague dates and eras such as:

Likewise, hCard does not have facilities for "flourished" and other genealogy related details.

Real-World Examples

Historical Timelines

Tools for Timelines

HTML-based Timelines

Image and Flash-based Timelines

Image and flash-based timelines are included to get a sense of what content might be included, even though the content isn't marked up in these examples.

Historical Maps


Map Sites

General History Sites


Bloggers and Weblogs

Museums and Exhibits

Types of Historical Information

Dates and Time Periods



People, Biographies, and Profiles

Most biographical profiles provide dates of birth and death, detail important events with which the person was involved, and outline general historical contexts in which the person lived and participated.

The following timelines provide a comparative list of the timeframes in which select political leaders around the world were in power:



Existing Practices

See Also

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