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This proposal does not follow the microformats process, draft status removed. Please start with the microformats process. Tantek 15:47, 20 February 2009 (UTC)

hWiki is a wiki content and functionality identifier.

This proposal need a help to be a real Draft Specification



The wikis are popular and may be useful if the the user agent may talk with the user what is the collaborative and editable content on the page, how he can do this and other interaction optimizations wiki-sys-independent. This may be useful for indexers bots too. If they know what is the collaborative text, what is the link for the past versions, etc...

List of Wiki Entities to identify

What we must identify? There are Hierarchic?

<body class="wiki-page"><!-- all this web page is a wiki page -->


<div class="wiki-page"><!-- a wiki box inside a more complex web page -->
<div class="wiki-header">
  <h1 class="wiki-name">The Foo Bar Wiki</h1>
  <span class="wiki-permission-unauthenticated">This wiki is public! Click on the edit button!</span>
<div class="wiki-rev">
  Revision <span class="rev">2</span> -
  <span class="date" title="2009-02-11T15:14:06Z">11 Feb 2009</span> -
  by <a class="user-fn user-url" href="/user/Fulano">Fulano de Tal</a>
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