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include pattern FAQ

This page document frequently asked questions about the include-pattern. For general questions about microformats see the microformats faq.


Q: Does include-pattern support for data outside of the current page?

A: No. The include-pattern is specifically scoped to the current page by design, both from a "vast majority of use cases" perspective, and a ease of implementation perspective.

Including data from external resources raises several issues:

Q: What is the normative behavior for an include with a "data" value that does not exist?

Q: Is there an assumption that you should only include one property at a time? What's the expected behavior if, say, my include has an org property, and the including vcard already has an org property?

A: This would depend on two factors, if the format can contain multiple instance of the property included, then both are valid. If the format can only take one instance of a property, than the first should be used and subsequent instances ignored.

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