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This page is for keeping track of issues relating to microformats and accessibility, in the hopes that any potential accessibility issues are resolved quickly, and for documenting techniques for making microformats more accessible.

We should all strive to make our published microformats, parser implementations, and not least this wiki, as accessible as possible, to all users, regardless of their physical abilities and needs. Readers are advised to follow the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, to at least level 2. Further advice is available on the Accessify Forums.

External discussions

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Localization of RFC2426 'type' values

RFC2426 type values for adr, email, and tel were intended as machine-readable values. Used as real HTML content in the following example only works in English. The preceeding accessify forum discussion has already proven that reducing this problem to an abbr is not a valid, accessible solution.

<span class="tel" xml:lang="en">
  <span class="type">Home</span> (<span class="type">pref</span>erred):
  <span class="value">+1.415.555.1212</span>

Proposed Solution for hCard v2

<span xml:lang="en">
  Home (preferred): <span class="tel type:home type:pref">+1.415.555.1212</span>
<span xml:lang="es">
  Casa (preferido): <span class="tel type:home type:pref">+1.415.555.1212</span>

Accessibility of this wiki

* class="vcard" (1)
instead of:
* class="vcard"
Andy Mabbett 15:24, 26 Nov 2006 (PST)

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