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The following web browsers have built-in support for microformats and/or have add-ons/plug-ins/extensions that add microformats support.



Main article: chrome-extensions

Chrome (version number 5+ at least, perhaps earlier too) extensions that support microformats:

See Chrome Extensions for more


Main article: Firefox

Firefox (version 3 and later) - has built in support for parsing microformats and exposing them in the DOM. Firefox 1.5-2.x requires an add-on. The following add-ons provide UIs (a toolbar etc.)

Internet Explorer

Main article: Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 7+ supports microformats using add-ins.


Main article: Safari

Safari has unofficial plugins (versions 3.2.1 or 4) and official extensions

mobile browsers

with favelets

Main article: favelets

Add favelets/bookmarklets/browser-buttons to your browser for more microformats support in:



Main article: Flock

Flock has some built-in microformats support, and additional support is available via Firefox add-ons.

see also

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