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Part of the larger microformats advocacy effort. Adding microformats to these cms tools would improve the usability and ambient findability of the content they produce.

List what cms tools/features/plugins you want to support more microformats, contact their authors and communities with requests and document the requests.



blogging tools

See blogging-tools-advocacy.

wiki tools

Consider making this section into its own page.


Semantic MediaWiki

bulletin boards

Consider making this section into its own page.


I am attempting to find out how best to incorporate microformats into the posting system, now that the programmers have removed XHTML from the posting interface. I've posted wrt this topic in the official forum; no response as of right now. --Carla 17:08, 8 Sep 2007 (PDT)

I did discover, however, how to change the existing BBCode (the shortcuts that are programmed in and present when you install phpBB) for <bold> and <italic> to <strong> and <em>, which I will be doing there's something, at least. :) --Carla 17:08, 8 Sep 2007 (PDT)

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