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Comment quelqu'un peut contribuer sur l'aire de code

Based upon discussion in the irc channel I've been asked to create this wiki page.

Essentially this is just to track the issue of "how does someone contribut to the code area of the site". Assuming this was created to host open source code for microformats - how does that work exactly?

e.g. the vCard to hCard creator [1]

This was released under the GPL and was written in javascript (in response to an item in the wiki/to-do list) so it could be uploaded to a website (e.g. not dependent upon a specific server environment). The goal was to create a community resource like the hCard creator that would help people new to microformats understand the mapping from vCard to hCard, since there is already a wealth of vCards available today.

However it's not clear how someone actually contributes something like this to the code area. So the only option left was to host this on my own server. This makes it seem more like a url promotion activity and less of a community asset.

So basically I'm just looking for clarification on this point.

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