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closed issues

Closed issues that have no further actions to take..

closed 2005

Issues that were raised in 2005 that have been resolved, and any/all related outstanding actions have been completed.

closed 2006

    1. How are Julian dates to be displayed? So far as I am aware, ISO8601 has no facility for marking up Julian dates, so should the form
      <abbr class="dtstart" title="[Gregorian date]">[Julian date]</abbr> 
      be used? If so, that should be indicated, via an example.
      • REJECTED not 80/20. Publishing Julian dates on the web is not 80/20, and is thus out of scope for fixing/adding to hCalendar. In addition, extending ISO8601 is also out of scope for hCalendar.

closed 2007

  • 2007-05-12 raised by Anon
    1. A pertinent point from the 22 Feb 2007 version of hcalendar issues. Worth keeping and addressing.
      • REJECTED too little information. Unclear WHICH point from that version of hcalendar-issues you think is worth keeping and addressing. All issues should be kept and resolved one way or another (with perhaps elimination of dups).

closed 2008

    1. Lack of method for marking up vague dates and eras; see vague-date examples (AKA historical dates).
      • REJECTED out of scope. While there certainly would be some utility in marking up vague dates and eras for historical purposes, this is outside the scope of and typical (80/20) usage of event publishing on the web. For both this problem of vague dates/eras, and Julian dates, it may be better to do research for a separate history microformat (history-examples, history-formats, history-brainstorming) to determine what would be sufficient to capture/publish the 80/20 of historical data/events published on the web. Options considered for history-brainstorming should include a separate microformat that re-uses hCalendar properties, perhaps minor extensions to hCalendar (to be considered for inclusion in 1.1) etc. However, all such brainstorming/proposals should be based on examples/formats research first.
    1. There is no way to define BC (before Christ) dates, is there? There should be! Thamis 03:58, 30 Sep 2008 (PDT)

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