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* [http://lib.omnia-computing.de/hcardmapper hCard Mapper] maps hCards onto form fields
* [http://lib.omnia-computing.de/hcardmapper hCard Mapper] maps hCards onto form fields (Javascript based)
(Javascript based)

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hCard Implementations


This page is an informative section of the hCard specification.

The following implementations have been developed which either generate or parse hCards. If you have such an hCard implementation, feel free to add it to the top of the New Implementations section. If you have a page or site which just publishes hCards, please use hcard-examples-in-wild instead.

New Implementations

Add new implementations here for evaluation and classification into the below taxonomy of implementations.


Implementations you can use to author, create, and publish hCards.

Web-based Creators

hCard creator
Create your own hCards; also has a Dutch interface. hCard Give feedback.

Blogging and CMS tools

Textpattern plug-in
jmc_event_manager is a plugin for Textpattern that outputs locations and events in hCard (and hCalendar) formats. Written by Joel Courtney.
Wordpress Addressbook plugin
Display list of addresses from the blog owner's address book, each marked up as an hCard. Maintained by Sam Wilson.

Browser scripts and plug-ins

Browser plugins that work with existing authoring tools:

Any browser with javascript and a little bit of CSS 
microformats.org hCard creator (see also Tantek's original hCard creator on tantek.com.

Desktop Authoring Tools

Search and Discovery

Conversion and Import

Implementations you can use to importing into an address book application, typically by converting hCard to vCard.

Web Services

These return vCard (.vcf) and other contact formats for easy importing into typical address book programs or other processing.

Firefox Greasemonkey Plugins




Implementations that detect, display and otherwise highlight hCards in pages.

Firefox extension

Operator - This extension is casual-user, advanced-user and developer friendly. Very customizable and unobstrusive.

Flock extension

Open Source

Open source libraries of hCard parsers and other related code for building hCard implementations. Note: it is very likely that above implementations may be duplicated in this section. That's ok.

The hCard creator (hCard creator feedback) is a very simple, yet illustrative, open source user interface / form / script which creates an hCard in real-time as you type in a set of contact information.

Additional Applications

This section should probably be incorporated into hcard-brainstorming.

There are numerous potential additional uses and applications for hCards on the Web. The following are merely a few thoughts and possibilities that folks have come up with:

Related Pages

The hCard specification is a work in progress. As additional aspects are discussed, understood, and written, they will be added. These thoughts, issues, and questions are kept in separate pages.

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