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Want hProductsHave hProducts

This page is an informative section of the hProduct specification.

The following sites have published hProducts, and thus are a great place to start for anyone looking for examples "in the wild" for inspiration, or try parsing and indexing.


new and uncategorized examples

Have hProduct? If you have a site with hProduct(s), add it to the top of this list. Include at least one URL to a page that includes actual hProduct markup. Examples without direct links to pages with hProduct(s) will be removed. Check back after a few days, to see if anyone has found any problems with the examples supplied. Note that examples may be categorized and moved to the grouped section below.

older product examples

Note: these are older product examples that may contain hProduct (e.g. wishfuls.com has been checked).

Please check these examples for hProduct markup, and if they lack hProduct markup, rather than deleting them, move them to product-examples. Thanks! Tantek 16:52, 18 November 2011 (UTC)

If they have hProduct (or h-product) markup, move them to a categorized section accordingly.

examples by category

Want hProduct? Check out this section for examples of types of pages that benefit from hProduct markup.

Use top level product categories (e.g. from the "Product Type" breadcrumbs above) to add new product categories here as needed See also hCard examples by category for a list of generic categories that can be adapted for hProducts as well.

Office Supplies

See Also

(Note: See hlisting-extended-examples also for examples of products listed on classified services.--Paul Lee 21:24 20 Aug 2008)

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