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These are externally raised issues about hResume with broadly varying degrees of merit. Thus some issues are REJECTED for a number of obvious reasons (but still documented here in case they are re-raised), and others contain longer discussions. Some issues may be ACCEPTED and perhaps cause changes or improved explanations in the spec. Submitted issues may (and probably will) be edited and rewritten for better terseness, clarity, calmness, rationality, and as neutral a point of view as possible. Write your issues well. — Tantek Çelik

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  • open issue! 2009-02-21 raised by mfreeman
  • The draft should describe a way to handle a series of assignments at various employers within the context of one job working for a contracting, consulting, or temporary firm/agency.
  • For example, a person is employed by ABC Corp. as a Staff Consultant from 1/1/2000 to 12/31/2008. During that time, ABC Corp. placed the person at:
    • XYZ Inc. as a Business Analyst from 1/1/2000 to 12/31/2005
    • DEF LLC as a Technical Writer from 1/1/2006 to 6/1/2006
    • "on the bench" with no assignment from 6/2/2006 to 8/14/2006
    • OMG Inc. as a Database Designer from 8/15/2006 to 12/31/2008
  • The draft may already address this, but it is not obvious.

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issues 2006

  • Agreed, when adding my references in hCard to the bottom of my hResume it became apparent there was no way I could mark 'my' hCard as the one belonging to the subject of the hResume. Perhaps @class="hcard subject" as a child of the hResume? Ciaran McNulty

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hResume is the classic microformats predecessor for h-resume. Work on hResume is documented at the following for historical purposes. Much of the general discussion and research likely still applies.

The hResume specification is a work in progress. As additional aspects are discussed, understood, and written, they will be added. These thoughts, issues, and questions are kept in separate pages.

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