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Jeremy Keith put lifestreaming on the map with his Lifestream demo application, which he blogged about here.

The practice of syndicating and then aggregating content into one stream is a useful one as more and more service crop up that allow us to do things that translate well into syndication formats.

There are two questions intially to be resolved:

  1. how can chronological microformats at the distributed sources be best used to feed into lifestreams (i.e. via hAtom, hCalendar)?
  2. how should lifestreams themselves be best marked up (using a combination of hAtom and hCalendar or one or the other)?

In Jeremy's Real-World example (and subsequent derivatives) a combination has been used. Is this the best path forward? Are there other ideas, especially for semantically linking to the types of services that appear in one's stream?

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