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   - John Hanke of Google/Keyhole.
   - John Hanke of Google/Keyhole.
Reverse engineered [http://bbs.keyhole.com/boards/showflat/Board-features-Number-16076-Forum-All_Forums-Words-schema-Match-Entire%20Phrase-Searchpage-0-Limit-100-Old-allposts-Main-16076-Search-true]here today...
Reverse engineered [http://bbs.keyhole.com/boards/showflat/Board-features-Number-16076-Forum-All_Forums-Words-schema-Match-Entire%20Phrase-Searchpage-0-Limit-100-Old-allposts-Main-16076-Search-true here] today...
=== Google Maps API ===
=== Google Maps API ===

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Location Formats


This is a list of previous efforts at location / geographic ("Geo") data formats and protocols, as background research for developing a location format.

vCard & hCard

vCard (RFC2426) and hcard includes 'adr', a way to markup addresses. There is also a field called 'geo' for lat/long.


Comma seperated list of lat/long <meta name="ICBM" content="XXX.XXXXX, XXX.XXXXX"> [1]

This is incorrect. It is one pair, not a list.


Flickr Geotags



A2B is a location based search engine. Lat and long only. Seems to pick stuff up from geo meta tags. Pages can either be manually entered or pinged. They support lat/long and ICBM meta tags.


Several people have tried putting geographic information into RSS.


Both of these systems are freely available sources of address to lat/long mappings (US only). I think they're based on US Census data, so they might be up to date.


Plazes is a system that does geo-info based on the network access point that the user's computer is connected to. They use tagging to identify locations.

Mapping Sites

Semantic Web


Geographic Markup Language - a "600 page standard"


Google Earth XML

20050629 at Where 2.0 conference:

"Google Earth has an XML schema for describing a place on the earth. Will be releasing today or tomorrow." 
  - John Hanke of Google/Keyhole.

Reverse engineered here today...

Google Maps API

Yahoo Maps API


Open Geospatial Consortium


Web Coverage Service

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