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Most recent podcasts listed first.
Most recent podcasts listed first.
Once it is available, this page should be marked-up with the emerging [[audio-info-proposal|hAudio]] microformat.
== To Do ==
* markup this page with [[hatom|hAtom]] so people can subscribe to the podcasts.
* help develop the [[audio-info-proposal|audio-info]] microformat, and once it is available, try marking up this page with it.
== 2007 ==
== 2007 ==

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microformats podcasts

This page lists various podcasts, and other audio and video recordings, which explain and discuss microformats.

Note: podcasts that simply mention microformats without going into more detail discussions of descriptions or uses are not included.

See also microformats press, presentations and screencasts.

Please feel free to add links to additional podcasts that discuss microformats.

Most recent podcasts listed first.

To Do


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