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: [[User:AndyMabbett|Andy Mabbett]] 08:16, 5 Jan 2008 (PST)
: [[User:AndyMabbett|Andy Mabbett]] 08:16, 5 Jan 2008 (PST)
With the addition of a "price" field, and perhaps one or two others, this microformat can also be used for menus. See [[recipe-examples#Menus|menu examples]].
== See Also ==
== See Also ==

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Recipe Brainstorming

Towards a Recipe microformat. Please read the process before editing this page.


This format-in-progress follows the restarting of Recipe development by Frances Berriman on 25th September 2007. Note that this Format-In-Progress section is intended to be edited to reflect the discussion that occurs on the microformats-new list, rather than being a free-form playground for schema.

Ben Ward (Yahoo!, Inc.)
Frances Berriman (BBC)


Recipe is based on examples and fields in existing formats.

The recipe microformat is designed for the mark-up of instructions for creating meals, drinks or food-based items.

Root Class Name

To be decided. Likely ‘hrecipe’.

Property List

Recipe properties, with sub-properties listed in parentheses, like (this), plurality indicated by square brackets, like this[]. Note that the draft property names may change, but their function should remain.

Optional and required for each field is explicitly stated at this stage. Fields without have not been determined.

Ingredient > ‘Optionality’. States that an ingredient is optional to the recipe. Its absence should imply that the ingredient is required.

Suggested fields for inclusion

Known Issues

RecipeML-based Brainstorm

Excerpted from Conor Bandon's Blog entry and derived from The RecipeML Spec:

Additional Suggestions

Note: Comments added "WilleRaab 16:57, 20 Jul 2007 (PDT)" are added after looking at, example: here.

Cookcamp brainstorming

At CookCamp in February 2007, Tantek moderated a fairly free form discussion of how to publish/share recipes. Here is a photo of the whiteboard:


To Do: OCR this and enter rough notes here...


Please do feel to add your comments below. If this section grows too large, please create a seperate recipe-issues section. Thanks!



open issue!

Single foodstuffs

If "method" is made optional, this could be used for marking up individual foodstuffs in prose. for example, "I like to eat cheese for supper." would become:

I like to eat <span class="hRecipe"><span class="ingredient">cheese</span></span> for supper.

or simply (if the proposed "sub-microformat-pattern" is adopted):

I like to eat <span class="hRecipe-ingredient">cheese</span> for supper.
Andy Mabbett 08:16, 5 Jan 2008 (PST)


With the addition of a "price" field, and perhaps one or two others, this microformat can also be used for menus. See menu examples.

See Also

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