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== Related Pages ==
== Related Pages ==
* [[rel-faq]]
* [[rel-faq]]
* [ IANA: Link Relations] - per [ RFC4287]
* [ IANA: Link Relations] - per [ RFC4287 - The Atom Syndication Format]

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Rel Examples

This page is for documenting real world example uses of rel attributes, including established HTML4 and microformats values, drafts, exploratory discussions, and external examples which could potentially be used in microformats.

Purpose and Scope


The HTML4.01 spec defines several link types which are values that can be used in rel (and sometimes rev) attributes.


Several microformats use rel values. These are a useful place to start to understand good uses of rel values.

In addition, though it uses rev instead of rel, vote-links is listed here for completeness.


exploratory discussions

The following rel values are exploratory discussions / microformats in development, possibly even just brainstorming, and thus are experimental at best. Please see their pages for details, and help advance them per the process.

external examples

Links to documentation or specifications for these examples found in the wild would be appreciated!

rejected examples

See rejected-formats for examples that have been rejected.

Related Pages

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