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This page is for keeping track of the representative hCard effort, which is part of hcard-brainstorming, specifically to figure out how to both explicitly specify and discover the representative hCard for a page.


problem statement

Given a URL, how do you determine which hCard is the representative hCard for that page?

Longer: Given a URL to a page that represents a person (e.g. an hCard supporting user profile), how do you determine which hCard on that page is the hCard for that person?

how to

Ok I get it, show me how to both publish and find the representative hCard for a person on a page.

use cases

What are the real world use cases, applications, for auto-discovery of the representative hCard for the page?



Methodology for a solution: The preferred option is to use only visible semantic HTML (POSH).



This question has also been asked as:


The representative hCard is merely the hCard that provides information about the person that the page represents.

It is NOT:

"representative hCard", "contact hCard", "author hCard", and "owner hCard" are all different semantics and can be different people for any given page, even if for many pages some or all of them might be the same person.

For more on these semantic distinctions, see hcards-and-pages.

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