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== this year ==
== this year ==
* October 2007 [ Microformats in Google Maps + Operator] by Ian Lloyd shows how he can use Google to search for curry houses in Swindon and then use Operator to export the results (and then sync those with his 'phone).
* May 2007 [ Microformats 1:01—Exporting microformats via bluetooth] by Jeremy Keith shows how the Bluetooth version of the Tails plugin can transfer contact details and events straight from a web page to a mobile device.
== 2006 ==
== 2006 ==

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microformats screencasts

This page lists various screencasts which have provided explanations and demonstrations of both microformats in general, and specific microformats. See also microformats presentations and podcasts.

Please feel free to add links to additional screencasts that discuss microformats!

Most recent screencasts listed first.

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