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= Simple Start (Draft) =
= Simple Start (Draft) =

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Simple Start (Draft)

Note: Name Change, "Start Simple" is a Trademark in the Technology Sector (usability).

Starting simple means solving a specific, immediate problem with your efforts. Often, the simplest possible solution turns out to be the most effective solution. No more work is needed.

The Microformats process emphasises reusing previous efforts as much as possible, enabling greater efficacy in existing standards and their semantics. Starting simple keeps the focus on what can be accomplished effectively and immediately, rather than spending additional time chasing conceptual or theoretical chimeras; possibilities that might have a general impact when implementing the standard, but then again might not.

Microformats should remain as simple as possible for as long as possible, collecting additional element semantics only when a significant practical need has been demonstrated for such additions.

Case Study - hAtom

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