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* Work on microformats tutorial for designers
* Work on microformats tutorial for designers
* Add support for OpenID to micformats wiki
* Add support for OpenID to micformats wiki
* Add support for [ OpenID] to the microformats blog.
* <strike>Add support for [ OpenID] to the microformats blog</strike>.
* Read GTD (at least the first two chapters).
* <strike>Read GTD (at least the first two chapters)</strike>.
=== Campaigns ===
=== Campaigns ===
* Get Blogger to support hAtom and hCard
* <strike>Get Blogger to support hAtom and hCard</strike>
* <strike>Get LinkedIn to support hCard, hResume, hCalendar</strike> and XFN
* <strike>Get LinkedIn to support hCard, hResume, hCalendar</strike> and XFN
* Get XING to support <strike>hCard</strike>, hCalendar, hResume and XFN
* Get XING to support <strike>hCard</strike>, hCalendar, hResume and XFN
* Get Digg to support microformats.
* Get <strike>Digg to support microformats</strike> (still need XFN).
=== Wishlist ===
=== Wishlist ===
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* invoicing microformat
* invoicing microformat
* better microformats wiki theme
* better microformats wiki theme
* Define flow for OpenID + XFN + hcard
* Define flow for OpenID + XFN + hcard (see [ DiSo Project])
== Robert Bachmann ==
== Robert Bachmann ==

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To Do

This page is for posting microformats related shared to do items. If you want to use this page for your microformats related to-do items, create a section with your name on it. The reason we are keeping these all on the same page is to make it easier to tell when people are working on similar things, and to make it more obvious when people help out with other people's tasks. In theory this probably won't scale, but let's first see how it does in practice. :) - Tantek


Just some nice things, feel free to do any of these.

for all microformats



Add support to open source calendar projects

These are open source projects that could be potentially enhanced to support hCalendar.


hCalendar/hCard/hReview editor


WordPress patches for microformats

Yahoo Open Source Library Patches

Several of these could very much be improved with a little microformats markup. Do we just make patches and submit them? Contact Nate Koechley at Yahoo (see Tantek for contact info) to follow-up.

Drupal patches for microformats

Adding Microformats to Existing Pages

rel-tagging on Wikipedia

Somebody familiar with the "rel-tag" microformat might want to add details, and a link to the relevant page on this Wiki, to the Wikipedia page on tagging. Andy Mabbett 14:07, 3 Jan 2007 (PST)

wiki gardening

Here is a table of searches for words with British spelling that have crept into english microformats wiki pages in the past along with US spellings:

en-UK en-US
behaviour behavior
behaviours behaviors
colour color
colours colors
flavour flavor
flavours flavors
flavoured flavored


This section is for any admins to keep track of current to-do items for admins and/or for folks to suggest to-do items for admins, in particular, having to do with suggestions for improvements to infrastructure such as the wiki. If you do add an item to this list, please sign your username with four tildes: ~~~~.

Website Improvements

Wiki improvements

.RFC2119 {

 text-transform: lowercase;
 font-style: italic;


<address class="author vcard">The <span class="fn org">Microformat community</span></address>



I'm keeping a few microformats related to-do items here both for my own convenience, and for folks looking to help out with small tasks. If so, just create a new section with your name, and and maybe copy the item there, and put your name next to the item in my list. We'll figure this out as we go along. Thanks, Tantek.

overall priority ordering

  1. Protect the community from threats (wiki damage, mailing list pain or noise), repair damage, add measures to reduce future damage
  2. Help publishers with established microformats: hCard, xfn, rel-tag, hCalendar, hReview, xFolk
  3. Help implementers with established microformats
  4. Iterate on existing established microformats, resolve issues/feedback etc.
  5. Wiki cleanup/gardening for existing established microformats
  6. Site usability of top-down as an entry point
  7. Community dynamics, process and principles improvements to help guide new microformats developments
  8. Emerging in-demand microformats: hResume, hListing, citation, media-info using abovementioned process and principles improvements.
  9. New microformat requests
  10. Document microformats history.
  11. Other

protect the community

help publishers

social network portability

Iterate on:

Brainstorm updates to the pocket-cheat-sheet to better enable social-network-portability, or perhaps design a new social network portability pocket cheat sheet that specifically documents:

foldup cheatsheet

next actions:

*-authoring microformats wiki pages

help with microformat examples in the wild

Using the above updated authoring pages, get the community to help go over all "common" pages (both logged out and logged in states) of the following sites which have some microformats already, and verify each page is as microformatted as it can be with high fidelity hCalendar and hCard etc. Document full support of each implementation's microformats on the implementations page (perhaps create a separate page for each implementation, e.g. flickr, upcoming, eventful etc.) Document any exceptions as needed. In no particular order:

advocacy for obvious sites

help implementers

iterate on current microformats

in general

plain language intros

For hCard, hCalendar, hReview, XOXO to start with, write up:

In particular for XOXO, Angus McIntyre suggested:

These suggestions could be incorporated into the other specs as well.

exploratory discussions
CSS enhancements for

Analyze existing microformats for opportunities to enhance CSS and propose to W3C.

update affiliations
profile URLs


Combined next-actions for iteration on hCard, and derived/subsetted microformats adr and geo











summary Examples in the Wild page



wiki cleanup

for all microformat specs


update specification section organization

Next-action: work with Ryan, Ernie, Erin, and others who have made concrete helpful suggestions for reorganizing the information architecture / content-order / layout of specs for greater approachability/readability by a broader audience, to design an interative update to spec organizations, in particular, the introduction/boilerplate/headers. See below notes on hResume experiment in progress.

hResume has an experimental abbreviated intro/headers section, and links to more details further below, based on some ideas that Ryan King and I had for improving the readability of the microformats specifications. hReview has some similar improvements, but different. We need to:

  1. Figure out if the new intro/headers structure in hResume and/or hReview is an improvement, and if it could be better. Perhaps figure out the requirements for an intro/header section
    • Shorter tends to be better
    • Must be comprehensive enough to "print and read"
    • Must detail authorship/editorship
    • Must detail copyright/patent statements
  2. Write up a template - make it self-documenting per the requirements
  3. Update existing specifications with the new intro/headers structure.
    1. hCard
    2. hCalendar
    3. hReview

reorganizing Implementations sections

Hmmm... I like: Authoring, Browsing, Converting, Indexing, Libraries (for developers), and Potential (for open source projects we want to add support to). Anybody have alternative suggestions for this vocabulary? I don't have a particularly strong preference so I'm going to go with these four until I find examples that don't fit, or someone suggests something better.

See: hCalendar Implementations for a first attempt at this. Assuming folks like that, we can go ahead with categorizing the implementations sections of other microformats specifications.


reorg Examples in the Wild sections

Work with community to:

site usability

introduction / community

posh improvement

principles and process

Create the following pages and document/fill them with content from other pages, email lists, and presentations.


community mark

document issue resolutions

emerging microformats

Next-actions for each emerging microformat (one at a time)

new microformat requests

document microformats history

Document microformats history, including:



wiki cleanup

hCalendar/hCard/hReview creator improvements




Dimitri Glazkov

Chris Messina




Robert Bachmann

Robert Bachmann


Brian Suda

Citation Microformats


Make changes and update site (almost stable) Get ATTENDEE and other strange attributes working


work on the warnings and error output for the pre-check in X2V


Microformats History

additions to the wiki

Mark Rickerby

Current Tasks


Ernest Prabhakar

Wiki-Thon Proposal

Set aside several hours (probably a Friday night US PST) for focused work on the Wiki, including both physical (e.g., a room in the Bay Area) and virtual (IRC/iChat) participants.


  1. Improve understanding of what needs to be done for Wiki
    • IMHO - this should be done here, in to-do incrementally. -Tantek
  2. Tackle larger projects (~1-2 hours) than people usually have time for
    • I'd like to see these projects *documented* first on to-do before we spend 1-2 hours of a bunch of folk's collective time to go through them. -Tantek
  3. Motivate community to have fun with otherwise tedious "housecleaning" chores

Agenda (Wishlist)

In parallel:

Dan Connolly

DanC hopes to sync up on these tasks in irc roughly weekly, during Wednesday afternoon (Chicago time) "office hours". See also my esw todo list and someday pile.

DanC 15:39, 31 May 2006 (PDT)

Chris Casciano


Drew McLellan


Christophe Ducamp (french localization)

Christophe Ducamp

Frances Berriman

Frances Berriman

Ben West (bewest)


Expore Microformat Deployment Issues

How does who determine the status of work going through some stage of the process? When does a format move from draft to "full spec"? Who decides? What are the qualitative and quantitative features that characterize work in different stages, especially as a spec nears deployment as "full spec". What makes this pronouncement more than a mythical blessing? What quantitative analyses can be provided to validate deployment? Today, we have powerful agents capable of processing huge amounts of information on the web. Should we be using these to measure published marketshare? What role should tools and test suites play in deploying microformats?


A lot of knowledge work is about maintaining sets of vocabulary. Now that the vocabulary is emerging, it may be time start making sure everyone is "on the same page," especially since some of the language is highly symbolic. Terms:

See glossary. Andy Mabbett 13:57, 7 Dec 2006 (PST)


_Concession_: my plans involve reuse of code, which would involve non-compatible changes with the current inline model. This is a nice feature, so maybe I should be branching instead.

Information Architecture

Help Welcomed! Please leave your name Add complaints to wiki-feedback! Helping to make the wiki easier to use. I'd like to see the main page more towards a format like with the big questions right out front:

I'd like to change the front page to this kind of design.

Support Pages

There are several categories of things in the wiki. Can we enumerate them?

Can others agree and or refine this list? Should I take it to the -discuss list? How do we create consensus on how the wiki should be organized in order to make it more usable? And how can we turn that consensus into actionable changes?

The wiki should also capture wisdom that stems from discussions that don't produce microformats. For example, Chris Messina suggests a "Best Of" page suitable for capturing this kind of wisdom. I think we can think of a given microformat as being at a place in a spectrum that ranges from "not yet thought of", to "interesting but needs work," or even "rejected", and of course including all the stages familiar to the microformats processes (eg examples, brainstorming, etc...). If there were such a page would it:

(I think Chris Messina suggests that it belongs to a given microformat, but then how do we collect wisdom from non-microformats?)

Considering that the wiki page named with the microformat (i.e. /wiki/hcard) is the one that people will mostly likely look to first for learning about a particular format, I'd think it'd make more sense and create a more welcoming feel to convert these pages to an intro page introducing the format for the beginner and linking to resources like tutorials and creators. Spec pages would then be relocated to wiki/*-spec -- Cgriego 13:25, 16 Oct 2006 (PDT)

Mike Schinkel's Comments

My suggestion on the list was for us to use a convention that the entry page (i.e. would be an index into a list of (psuedo) standardized sub pages so that it would be very people to find what is important to them. For example, is a list of potential sub pages:

These pages would be located respectively at

Please note I am suggesting an architecture not a specific list of sub pages. The list of sub pages should be defined by both reviewing existing information during site reorganization, and then via discussion on the list in an attempt to discover and extract which sub pages are needed for most/all microformats.

NOTE: This differs from above in that the spec if not viewed as a top level structure but instead the microformat itself and the spec would be under the microformat. In this context "microformat" is a more abstract concept and "spec" is a more concrete thing. Another way to think about it would be that each microformat would have it's own mini home page and then things like "spec" are the pages listed on its home page.

Matt Dertinger (Thewhoo)



Microformats Proposals

Henri Bergius

Henri Bergius

Justin Thorp

Mark Lentczner

Derrick Pallas

microformat proposal: dependancy

Paul Downey

Rob Manson

Clay Newton

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