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UID Brainstorming

Cette page est pour brainstormer sur les idées, propositions, contraintes, exigences pour un microformat d'identificateur [[uid-fr|UID].


(traduction en cours Christophe Ducamp)


Exigences des Objectifs


UID + SOURCE -> permalink?

URL is used in hcalendar examples to point not to the permalink of the vevent, but to the permalink for the event home page. If the event home page contains the authorative hcalendar entry, that's fine. Alternatively the source attribute could be borrowed from vcard to mean "microformat permalink" instead of "permalink of the thing the microformat is about".

There seems to be a conflict between iCalendar and vCard rfcs as to what a url is. iCalendar says permalink of iCalendar object. vCard says identifying url (eg home page) of the person or object the vCard is about. vCard uses "source" for iCalendar's "url".

UIDs qui sont des URLs

It seems like in the 80% case (perhaps 99.99% case on the Web), a UID is going to be a URL, thus a common pattern will likely be things like:

<a class="url uid" href="http://example.com/contentspace/somenumber">the item</a>

SHOULD plutôt que MUST

A UID SHOULD be a URL rather than MUST. The UID microformat will ordinarily be a URL, but it should be flexible enough to allow it to contain non-network resolvable URIs.

UID + URL -> permalink?

Can you infer that if something is a URL and a UID that it is also a permalink? It seems so. I can't think of any semantic of "permalink" that isn't covered by the union of the semantics of URL and UID.

abbr pattern

Use the abbr-design-pattern to allow identifiers to be more fully described.

<abbr class="uid" title="urn:isbn:0950788120">0 9507881-2-0</abbr>

HTML ID attribute

How does/doesn't the ID attribute from HTML fit into all this? Can it be repurposed to help here?


Utiliser simplement UID à partir de hCard

Utiliser rel-bookmark à partir de hAtom

hAtom currently uses the HTML standard rel-bookmark to identify its bookmark. This appears to be precisely eqivalent to the class combination "uid url". This does not appear to permit non-url uids, but if we are identifying the authorative id of a piece of microformatted data that we already have in-hand a non-url uid may never be required. Non-url uids (eg isbn) can still appear in citation formats without affecting the development of this "identify myself" microformat.

If rel-bookmark is not appropriate for this format, we should consider retrofiting this format back to hAtom. It may be appropriate to replace rel-bookmark with the separate url and uid classes, or to allow either form to be used.

Créer un microformat URI


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