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Item Examples

From the process:

*-examples. Find examples on today's web of the the type of content you think needs a microformat. Document them with URLs. Document the implicit schemas that the content examples imply. This is the action that helps follow principle 3, design for humans first, machines second ... adapt to current behaviors and usage patterns.

This page documents how items and things are marked up and represented on the web.

In Existing Microformats

hReview and hListing are applicable to things (as well as people marked up as hCards).

EdgeIO (hListing)

Note that EdgeIO using [hlisting|hListing] for individual items but not for the lists of itens.

Deal Tagger (hListing)

Cork'd (hReview)

<div id="review_9285" class="hreview"> <h5 class="item"><span class="fn">Cellarium Bisencii 2005 Muškát moravský</span></h5> <abbr class="dtreviewed" title="20061118"> (about 2 hours ago)</abbr> <span class="reviewer vcard"> <img class="photo" src="/img/icon-user-64.gif" height="48" width="48" alt="buddy icon" /> <a class="url fn" href="/people/cruster">cruster</a> </span> <abbr class="rating" title="2"><img src="/img/icon-rate2.gif" alt="**" /></abbr> <blockquote class="description">When ... scent.</blockquote> <p class="tags">Tasting Tags: <a href="/tags/light" rel="tag" class="rel-tag" title="view all wines with this tag">light</a> </p> </div>

Yahoo Local (hReview)

Yahoo UK Movie Reviews

Not sure if this is within scope (i.e. is a movie a thing?)

In Proposed Microformats

In Google Base

Attributes in Google Base are open ended. For each of the following Item Types, we're identifying the attributes that Google Base displays when one attempts to edit an entry; there's also a broader list of applicable attributes, and then there's the open to add anything to a listing.


Primary Attribute Types (see for all):


Primary Attribute Types (see for all):


Primary Attribute Types (see for all):

Want Ads

This Item Type may not be totally applicable, but it is about "things" for sale. Primary Attribute Types (see for all):

Primary Attribute Types (see for all):

Google expects users of its Want Ads system to define all the appropriate attributes themselves. Further research needed here to see this actually in use.

Other Sites


These examples are taken from listing-examples (housing)


AutoTrader (vehicles)

Amazon Wish-list


British Library Search Results


Fresh Arrival

Fresh Arrival post about a 'thing' that they like every day


Need ...

Books, ...? What tables/fields Amazon use to catalogue their wide selection of items?

See Also

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