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Mailing Lists Proposals

There is a proposal for creating a new mailing list for discussing the research and creation of new microformats so that those discussions do not overwhelm microformats-discuss.

Some candidates for names with the thinking behind them. Feel free to add your name and opinion (+/- 1 or 0).


Focusing on discussing "new" microformats


Focusing on the essential, and often overlooked by first-time proposers "research" phase(s) in the process


That's really what we're talking about with research of new microformats, isn't it?



Similar to propose but milder ;)


For working on microformats, new and old.


WG is an abbreviation of Working Group


TF is an abbreviation of Task Force


General-purpose "meta-discussion" about process and policies

Change nothing

e.g fix uf-dev (we have done that), do nothing else (for now)

General Comments

Andy Mabbett

Why not create a new mailing list for each proposal, once it's reached a certain stage? Then , if the uF is created, or the proposal abandoned, the specific list would be closed, and the archive retained as a link from the "brainstorming" page, as a permanent, and discrete record of discussion on that topic.

Alternatively, the list could be retained for discussion of the implementation and development of that specific uF.

For example, several academic and professional taxonomists have told me in e-mail that they would be interested in the species proposal, (and one astronomer, likewise, for mars/ luna), but do not have the time to follow a general mailing list; indeed, a couple asked me specifically if I would set up a separate mailing list for the subject.

Andy Mabbett 04:44, 24 Oct 2006 (PDT)

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