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Meeting minutes

They're typed, they look good, but all the meaning (participants, decisions, action items, etc.) is impossible to glean automatically. Enter hMinutes (or whatever)!

The Problem

Meeting notes provide a wealth of semantic content, invaluable to organizations. Meeting notes are routinely recorded in intranets, and (with public organizations) on the internet; however, without semantic content it is very difficult to extract the specific information, analyze it, distribute it, or search it effectively. This investigation seeks to document how meeting minutes on the web are structured, towards a lightweight suite of microformats and format extensions for markup.


Real-World Examples

These are fairly random, selected for variety of approach. Research is not yet in-depth. Room for more!

Gene Ontology Consortium

Stevens Hospital Board

PHP Developers Meeting

GNOME/Mozilla Meeting

ICANN Executive Committee

Existing Practices

Existing Formats

See meeting-minutes-formats for current standards for publishing meeting-minutes.

NOTE: This research should be done before brainstorming proposals. Does anyone have ideas? Besides some brainstorming at W3C, haven't found any current standards.


Moved to meeting-minutes-brainstorming.

It is probably better to first:

  1. analyze what are the 80/20 common elements of the examples above. Done, at least initially.
  2. complete the research of meeting-minutes-formats. Any other ideas on this?
  3. and then go about proposing a solution for the whole format, rather than parts of it, while attempting to reuse other microformats as much as possible. Tantek

See Also

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