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Microformats Pocket Cheat Sheet

512566952_9a2ae3517f.jpg Erin Caton has designed a pocket cheat sheet / pocket guide for commonly used microformats.


Download the PDF (cc-by-3.0), print double-sided and borderless, then fold it up.

Printing Tips

If you are using the MacOSX Preview application, after opening the PDF:


Erin's cheatsheet covers hCard, hCalendar, hResume, hReview, hAtom, rel-license, rel-tag and XFN.


Please tag your photos of the microformats pocket cheat sheet with:

microformatspocketcheatsheet pocketcheatsheet


512570196_047c321598_m.jpg 512568682_f6ed02833d_m.jpg

Unfolded: 771991943_46841290a9_m.jpg 771992141_243803e266_m.jpg

See more photos of the pocket cheat sheet.

See Also

Note issues, feedback, and suggestions on the pocket-cheat-sheet-feedback page.

See pocket-cheat-sheet-iterations for the original thoughts and brainstorms behind the pocket cheat sheet.

See also other microformats cheat sheets.

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