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This is an exploratory page to document product examples currently published around the web. Typically, the metadata associated with this content is stored in non-semantic markup and proprietary formats. The purpose of the studies on this page is to serve as background for the design of a simple distributed product microformat.





See's experimental hProduct implementation on "Shop URLs" at:, or more information here: Shop URL details

(Note: See hlisting-extended-examples also for examples of products listed on classified services.--Paul Lee 21:24 20 Aug 2008)




Please also see book-info-formats and book-info-examples.

Video Game

Outdoor Product



Video Game


Ben Sherman


Link to product rather than actual product immediately available for sale. Personally marked-up and used rel-product ideas to link to the shop.


<div class="hproduct">
	<img src="#" alt="polo shirt" class="product-thumb" />
	<h3 class="product-type">Polo Shirt</h3>
	<h4 class="product-title">Coxmoor</h4>
	<p class="p-v"><span class="property">Color:</span> <span class="value">289 Rush</span></p>
	<p><a href="poloshirt/coxmoor/" title="Buy This Online" rel="product">Buy This Online</a></p>


Additionally the site has links to products on Amazon.


<div class="hproduct">
	<a href="#" rel="product">
	   <img src="assets/images/timeline/amazon/small-faces.gif" alt="Small Faces Album" class="product-thumb" />
	<h3 class="product-title"><a href="#" rel="product">Ogdens' Nut Gone Flakes</a></h3>
	<h4 class="p-v"><span class="property artist">Small Faces</span></h4>
	<p class="product-buy"><a href="#" title="Buy this online" rel="product">Buy from Amazon</a></p>
	<p class="money"><abbr class="currency" title="GBP">£</abbr><span class="amount">6.99</span></p>

The use of Non-visible property names made it possible to have an invisible property of 'artist'. Having 'Artist: Small Faces' was not in the visual specification of the Ben Sherman site.

Atomic Books



Cell phone

Comparison Shopping Engines

These examples come from a slightly different angle. This information may or may not be listed in its entirety on the landing page of the specific product; however, many merchants possess this information and submit it to shopping engines for inclusion in search results.

Google Base/Product Search

(Note: Tax and shipping attributes would likely be very difficult to mark up unless fixed for a product to all customers that visit it, regardless of geo.--Paul Lee 21:57 20 Aug 2008)

Analysis of Product/Commerce Sites

Analysis on 100 ecommerce and manufacturing sites was performed to represent a wide array of product families. Below are the most notable universal product attributes. Analysis is ongoing and more examples may be selected as they are added to the product taxonomy.

Existing schema

This section should be moved to product-formats where existing formats in general should be documented.

Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is an identifier for trade items developed by GS1 (comprising the former EAN International and Uniform Code Council).
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