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This is a page for tracking the effort to develop a project microformat for authors and publishers to markup public projects like open-source software or other kinds of artistic distributions.


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problem statement


One of its primary intent is to allow robots to automatically classify projects in a freshmeat manner by browsing the web. ZimbaTm 08:31, 12 Jan 2008 (PST)

Analysis of Examples (Based on 8 examples.)

Common practical project fields

Common abstract project fields

existing formats

Please document in project-formats.

Related microformats



In General

The projecta format documents practical (how-you-can-do) projects. Where possible field names have been chosen based on those defined by the related hCard, hAtom, hCalendar, and hRecipe.


The projecta schema consists of the following elements:

Field details

The fields of the projecta schema represent the following:


The title of a single project. The formatted name of what the projecta documents.


The summary provides a short introduction to or an accompanying statement about the project.


The person who authored the project.


The date the project was published.


A keyword indicating a subject or an important aspect of the project like it's main requirement, type of project etc.


Accompanying image.


Describes one or more requirements of the project.


Documents the instructions required to complete the project.


The time it takes to complete the project described by the projecta. Multiple duration fields can be used to denote time taken per instruction.

<div class="projecta">
	<h3 class="fn">Germinating Seeds</h3>
	<p class="summary">
		How to germinate seeds in potting mix.<br />
	<p class="vcard fn">Derek Lewis</p>
	<p>Published <abbr class="published" title="2009-03-28T09:30-11:00">28. Mar 2009</abbr></p>
	<img src="/img/seed.png" class="photo" width="100" height="100" alt="Seed"/>
	<ul class="requirement">
		<li>Container(s) (With drain holes)</li>
		<li>Potting Mix</li>
		<li>Fresh Water</li>
		<li>A Light Source</li>
	<ol class="instructions">
		<li>Loosen and dampen the potting mix.</li>
		<li>Fill 2/3 of each container(s) with potting mix.</li>
		<li>Put seed(s) in container with potting mix.</li>
		<li>Sprinkle a few drops of water over of the seed(s). (Remember to repeat this once potting mix becomes dry.)</li>
		<li>Place container under light source.</li>


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