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raptor is a free software / Open Source C library that provides a set of parsers for RDF/XML, N-Quads, N-Triples 1.0 and 1.1, TRiG, Turtle 2008 and 2013, RDFa 1.0 and 1.1, RSS tag soup including all versions of RSS, Atom 1.0 and 0.3, GRDDL and microformats for HTML, XHTML and XML.[1]

microformats support

raptor supports parsing

per http://librdf.org/raptor/api/parser-grddl.html and https://github.com/dajobe/raptor/blob/07f22123064465381a4ce609675e9c520ff40af0/docs/raptor-parsers.xml#L33:
[…] The default configuration of the GRDDL parser also reads microformats (hcard, hcalendar) […]

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