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MealMaster is a piece of database software for collecting recipes. Allows searching, printing and creating of shopping lists as some of it's key features. The software allows import and export of recipes.

Have located some publishings of people's recipes in "Meal-Master format". e.g.

Recipe Markup Language

It was (formerly known as DESSERT -- Document Encoding and Structuring Specification for Electronic Recipe Transfer) is an XML-based format for marking up recipes. The format was created in 2000 by the company FormatData.


The format provides detailed markup for defining ingredients, which facilitates automated conversions from one type of measurement to another. The markup language also provides for step-based instructions. Metadata can be added to a RecipeML document through the Dublin Core.

There are some software programs that read and write the RecipeML format. The most notable of these is Largo Recipes. The RecipeML license is fairly open.

This archive contains 10,000 recipes in Recipe Markup Language


RxOL uses a postfix notation to represent recipes.

On the website Cooking For Engineers you can see a beautiful graphical representation of a recipe tree which could be constructed from the RxOL tree or one could easily code the Microformat in the form of the tree mentioned in that site. You need to scroll down to the bottom of the main article just above the comments section.

REML: The Recipe Exchange Markup Language

REML on Sourceforge

REML is an XML schema that describes a file format for recipe exchange. On the sourceforge page Gary says: I might have developed against an existing markup languages, but RecipeML is mired in licensing problems, and CookML is written in German. And I had my own ideas about recipe exchange that could better support commercial uses, such as the development of restaurant menus and cookbooks. In any case, this is a viable XML-based format for exchanging food recipes, developed from scratch by Gary Gocek. If you have suggestions, please contact Gary.

RecipeBook XML

From RecipeBook XML RecipeBook XML is a markup language used to write recipes and cookbooks. It is simple and easy to learn, but offers some powerful features. Once a recipe is written in RecipeBook XML it can be reproduced in HTML, PDF, Rich Text formats all from the same source document.

The primary goal of RecipeBook XML is to allow people to create, store and share recipes in a variety of electronic formats. Consideration is also given to computer manipulation of the data contained within the recipes. More details are given below. Uses creative common's licence

Eat Drink Feel Good Markup Language

Here is an article. See also [1], [2]

MasterCook format

Text format: Example See Also:


MacGourmet ( is software for: creation, import (of other recipes and recipe formats), export of recipes, Publishing of recipes to MovableType, Blogger, TypePad, and Blojsom weblogs. Categorization and search features. MacGourmet - 'iTunes for recipes' and can create/export shopping lists for the recipes (including to PDA, iPod, etc.), Demo available at link. (Mac OS X 10.4 or later)

Need examples of format.


(Connoisseur) is an application based on The Recipe Markup Language formerly known as DESSERT, having many features including import, export, category search, and recipe ratings. (Universal Binary for 10.4 "Tiger" and above) Demo available, will run for 20 sessions.

Service Menu Import: All Recipes, Asian Food Grocer, Epicurious, Good Living, Sydney Morning Herald, Real Cajun Recipes, Williams-Sonoma

Import: MealMaster (.mmf), Mastercook (.mxp), RecipeML (.xml), Yum! XML, MacGourmet text file, MacGourmet online (drag-and drop)

Export: iPod, PDA, ...

Format: RecipeML (DESSERT)


Yum! is a recipe collection application for Mac OS X.

Features: Search, indexing, printing options, recipe text formatting.

Import Formats: MasterCook export files, Yum files.

Export: Yum! files or to text files.


Cook'n is a recipe software application with several features (This newer version is for Win). Another version of Cook'n (99) available for Windows, Palm Pilot, and Mac System 7 or higher.

Export possibilities: Email (not sure on format), and publish to web (HTML).

Big Oven

Big Oven a recipe software application. Several features: nutriional calculator, tagging for categories (become links for related recipes/main ingredients), print, ajust servings, rate recipe (up to 5 stars), email recipe, publish recipe online (might be only to the BigOven site with registration) ...

Categories: appears to use tags when looking at a recipe example - they are links - these categories may come from a predetermined list following a recipe. User picks category via a form submit button. Script may search recipe text for additional category possibilities.

Export: Outputs HTML (see recipe-examples#BigOven:_Angel_Hair_with_Tomatoes.2C_Basil_And_Arugula_recipe)

Home Cookin

[3] is a recipe software application for Windows 7, Vista, and XP. Features include grocery manager, meal planning calendar, photo support, multiple printing options, cookbook creation.

Import Formats: Meal-master, Mastercook, Big Oven, Living Cookbook, Now You're Cooking, Cookbook Wizard, From Scratch, From My Kitchen, Recipe Processor, Computer Chef.

Export Formats: Meal-master, Mastercook, Home Cookin. Export to file, email, or clipboard.


ChickenPing is available for Windows and Windows Mobile.

Features: Search, meal planner, shopping list, substitution database, converter, large text view, indexing, printing, timer, online sharing.

Import Formats: RecipeML, MasterCook export files (MXP and MX2), MealMaster files, ChickenPing XML.

Export: RecipeML or ChickenPing XML.

See Also:

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