Profil rel-tag

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Ce qui suit est un profil XMDP pour la spécification rel-tag.


This profile is hosted as a separate XMDP file on


Les profils sont référencés dans des fichiers (X)HTML files dans la balise <HEAD> , par ex. :

<head profile=''>


<dl class="profile">
 <dt id="rel">rel</dt>
   <a rel="help" href="">
     HTML4 definition of the 'rel' attribute.</a>  
   Here is an additional value as defined in the
   <a rel="help start" href="">
   rel-tag specification</a> 
   <dt id="tag">tag</dt>
   <dd>Indicates that the referred resource serves as a "tag", 
       or keyword/subject, for the referring page, or some portion of the referring page.</dd>
Profil rel-tag was last modified: Friday, April 20th, 2012