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In addition to the XFN Tools page, this page contains more more recent implementations.

Note: we should move all of http://gmpg.org/xfn/tools to here, (re)verify each, and document as either up to date, or obsolete. Perhaps snapshot the entire list (without links) for historical implementation documentation. Then let's redirect gmpg.org/xfn/tools to here.


new implementations

The following implementations have been developed which either generate or parse XFN relationship links. If you have an XFN implementation, feel free to add it to the top of this list.

update streams and pingers

authoring publishing

The following tools, plugins, and extensions enable authors to eaily create and publish XFN links:

XFN Creators

The XFN Creator has been localized to numerous languages (see the rel-alternate links in the head). Additional localizations are provided below.

If you are a native/fluent reader of the following languages, please review the respective XFN creators and leave a nested list comment evaluating them. Once a creator has been sufficiently well reviewed, it should be copied to gmpg.org (or preferably http://microformats.org/code/xfn/ and http://microformats.org/code-tools) and rel-alternate linked accordingly.

friends lists

Numerous services support both XFN friends lists, and even better XFN+hCard friends lists.

rel me identity equivalency


visualizers and browsers



appear old or unverifiable

These sites appear to be too old, and or perhaps broken (like PHP error dump).


The following XFN implementations appear to be offline:

See Also

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